Nala Se and news!!!


Not my best creation, but still, its ok. No cuts, on piece of paper and, ya.

And now for the news part:

I’m going on a canoe trip from Saturday to Sunday, so I hope the Imagine Folders post a bit while I’m gone, ok…… And I hope the DarkKnight posts the contest while I’m gone, so give him you entries, ok? But the good news is that I’m still around today at least.

Plus, you guys heard of Toms Book Tour? Well get this:

He’s coming to Vancouver B.C.!!!! That’s pretty close to I live!!!! I can’t wait, I’M MEETING THE TOM ANGLEBERGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS GOING TO BE WAFFLE-TASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

So, bye, and stuff…….Ya.


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Sup!! I'm Captain Origami, The Canadian Superfolder!

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