Some SuperHero Origami

:/ Some Superhero Origami…

Captain America (First Avenger)

I came up with this guy after trying to make DT’s Captain America from MarvelGami. I will make more variations of this suit including the A2: AOU suit! This will aslo be part of my origami showcase…


Wolverine (Classic)

This was made from a Water Bomb base. I kinda forgot how to make it… But… I will probably remember sooner or later because I will make the Yellow and Brown suit and the X-Men: DOFP suit. Wolverine was supposed to use the mask but, didn’t. :/ I will still add it anyways.


Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man)

My friend wanted me to make him a Origami Spider-Man from TASM. So I did. πŸ˜›


Green Arrow (CW 11’s Arrow)

I made a Brand New Origami Arrow which looks so much better.


Iron Man W.I.P

Here’s a Iron Man puppet that I made. Not sure if I will use this design or another one. I will work on one more design and post a poll on wich one I should use.


Some SuperMan Posters. πŸ˜›



Oh, and Tobey Maguire Spider-Man says hi!


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I love origami, Superheroes, drawing, and YouTube! :D

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