SMS #4 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


Yup! This Saturday Morning Status I’m going to talk about BvS!

If you are a DC fan, like me you can’t wait till it releases, which is only a few weeks away (YYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!) and I was wondering what you like to see in the new movie. Some of it is already spoiled in the trailers that have been uploaded on YouTube, but what do you will happen in it that they haven’t shown in the trailer? What do you already know about the movie? What do you think will be the most awesome part of the movie? What do you think will be the least? Are you excited about movie? Are you not? Who would win? Batman or Superman. TELL ME IN THE CEMENTS BELOW!!!!

BTW, if you don’t who the main characters are, here’s a picture of them. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Women below:



So ya!

Please comment!


Really, please comment!


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