The Sunshine Blogger Award


Thanks OY30 for nominating me to this award again! Ok, here we go again:



awesome basket dunk

2. Around 20

3. Thomas the Tank Engine!

4. Homework, folding, TV show, and sometimes blogging.

5. Hmmmm…. maybe Hotline Bling? Stressed Out? ALL THE HITS!!!

6. What’s Slovenia?

7. Don’t think anything.

8. Boba Fett!

9. I think around 10 hours.

10. Yes.

11. 13, because I am.


Pepsi or Coke?

Barges Root Beer or Mug Root Beer?

Nestea or Brisk?

Crush or Fanta?

Schweppes ginger ale or Canada Dry ginger ale?

7UP OR Sprite?

Tea or Coffee?

MTN Dew or Dr. Pepper?

Diet Pepsi or Diet Coke?

Pepsi Max or Coke Zero?

Decaffeinated Pepsi or decaffeinated Coke?


Anyone who wants to join this award!


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Sup!! I'm Captain Origami, The Canadian Superfolder!

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