SMS #13 How I got my stitches!

stiches sms title.png

Here it is! That is my stitches there on that picture.

So this is a little hard to explain, so I’m using pictures as an example for it so without further explanations, let’s do this!

So it started out in Saskatchewan, I was playing hide-and-go-seek-with-a-QUAD with some people! Very dangerous thing, but here’s the thing. I WASN’T EVEN ON THE QUAD WHEN I GOT HURT! I was actually trying to hide FROM the Quad!

So this is what happened, I was running, so here a picture for that:

stiches example

And as you see here, there was a metal scrap pile and I was running…

…And then I tripped on some metal and fell on some metal.

stiches example 2


Sorry that the picture’s a little too graphic, but was what it was like.

So now you know how I got my stitches!

Stay tuned next Saturday for another SMS!

See ya!


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Sup!! I'm Captain Origami, The Canadian Superfolder!

4 thoughts on “SMS #13 How I got my stitches!”

    also, btw, i have taken up rubik’s cubing now! Im training to be fast (I’m really slow compared to the WR holder, but at least I can do it at less than a minute)

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