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Hello everyone! Welcome to SMS! A weekly post show every Saturday Morning!

And today I’m going to review author Tom Anglebereger’s newest book…FUZZY!


By: Tom Angleberger and Paul Dellinger

Recommended age: 9-12 (and maybe a little more in my opinion…)

How good was it from one – ten: TEN! LOVED IT!

Setting: Vanguard Middle school, but WHEN it was was never said..

Plot: A robot named FUZZY comes to Vanguard Middle School. It starts with this person named Max and she REALLY wants to see this robot. Later, she got to be part of the robot interrogation program to help Fuzzy walk down the halls, since the first time they met, Fuzzy broke down and fell to the ground. Meanwhile, there this very annoying Vice Principal named Barbra that is is giving dtags (similar to detention slips) for the stupidest things like walking to fast in the halls or something like that and is also lowering down test scores for no reason only because they have dtags which is unfair! Fuzzy starts to figures out this problem is determined to help Max!

*Spoilers* It turns out his name isn’t Fuzzy, it’s actually SpaceBrain 4! The real reason he was created was to go to Mars! The army is using him to stop these guys named SuntzuCo who are going to take this probably dangerous thing down to Earth, Fuzzy is here to stop SunTzuCo! *Spiolers*

Ending: Fuzzy almost died fighting Barbra trying to save his his friends. A few weeks later, Fuzzy is back online and a lot of things changed when he was getting fixed. Insted of Fuzzy, Barbra was sent to Mars, never to be seen again, the school was happier and brighter, and Fuzzy could now stay at school!

The End

Well that’s all for this SMS, don’t forget to come back next week for something else!

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This is Captain Origami! So long for now folks!


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