Mr T drawing | Request

Awesome! Amazing! So good! Thanks OY30! 😀

OY30's blog!


Finally I get to finish that blessed request.

The impossible request.

The one that took me more time to make than Kylo Ren’s one.

August 15, 2016.

It’s August 30, 2016 (pretty sure it’s 2016) now.

Fifteen days. Fifteen.

I betrayed my talent. I betrayed it.

I cannot be forgiven.




Lol sorry it’s not that bad…

Anyway, here it is man. Sorry that it took so long, I have been busy with 9th grade and stuff. But I made the drawing ☺

Now, to the drawing request list!

  1. Cocatrice drawing (I don’t even know if Jessenia still wants it but I’m making it anyway)
  2. Tauriel drawing
  3. Hufflepuffwholock drawing + Drunk giraffes drawing
  4. Dumcheese drawing

Feel free to leave a drawing request below in the comments!

I missed you guys. How have you been?

The sky is the start line.


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