Finally saw Rogue One NOTE: SPOILERS!!!

So yes, I FINALLY saw it. Rogue One everyone! I’m going to be talking about Rogue One today! 

First of all, I knew K2SO was going to be my favourite character and he was HILARIOUS! I think one of his funniest lines where “Do you want me to tell the chances of her using that weapon? It’s high, it’s very high.”

I think another I should talk about is the spoilers…

Wow, just wow… NEVER DO I REMEMBER A STAR WARS MOVIE WHERE EVER SINGLE MAIN CHARACTER DIES!!!!!! That was Lucasfilm’s most tragic Star Wars movie yet! I was a really good movie…. but it was so tragic!

I think that’s all I can say about the movie so… bye!


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18 thoughts on “Finally saw Rogue One NOTE: SPOILERS!!!”

  1. YAYYY! Now I can finally tell you: Your theory was right! Did you hear throughout the movie that the Empire was gathering crystals to power the Death star? That was the same crystal from the deleted episodes of the clone Wars!!!

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