Should I take up propping more?

So…as you have probably realised….I’ve kinda got out of origami and haven’t been doing it for a while… well….. I probably won’t be doing origami in awhile…. because I’ve kinda have gotten out of the origami interest….BUT rest assured I will do origami throughout  2017….but… I used to do…BUT for things like  EPISODE EIGHT OF STAR WARS I WILL DEFINITELY DO ORIGAMI FOR THAT!…But since the trailer hasn’t come out…I can’t really do that right now….

I’ve been doing origami for about five years….and I think it’s time to do something different…..

As you have probably have noticed, I’ve been doing propping a lot recently and I have realised that I’m pretty good at it, so I was wondering…SHOULD I TAKE UP PROPPING MORE? I love to do that and I think you will enjoy it too! …So what should I do? Make a new website? Change the title? What? Your opinion is much appreciated!

See ya, bye!



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Sup!! I'm Captain Origami, The Canadian Superfolder!

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