If your new here, it’s to late…

This video explians why I’ve not been posting on either of my platforms from YouTube to WordPress and also talks about the history of myself.

I’ll admit, it was fun while it lated, but origami isn’t for me anymore. I’m getting older and getting more interested in other things…BUT, as I said, this is not the end.

The Crimzon Cobalt YouTube channel will happen hopefully very soon and when I do I will give you a link to my new YouTube channel if you’re interested, but all in all, that’s pretty much all that will happen left with this website and my channel.

It’s been fun and I’ll never forget this and what experiance has happened to me thanks to these books, thank you Tom Angleberger! And thanks to you, my followers and Superfolders that I have teamed up with through out the years, if any of you are still around that is. Repost this so others can see this post if you want.

Finally, my name is Captain Origami, thank you and goodbye… 🙂


The answer you deserve…

So, you’ve probably seen this post by Cam:


After I read this post, I realized, ya,   it has been awhile since ya guys have heard from me, so I decided that I need to give you all the answers you deserve.

First of all, this is probably going to scare you, but I’ve kinda grown out of the whole origami stuff, things just aren’t the same as it used to be…

And the reason I didn’t post in awhile was because I’ve kinda got some different things I want to do, I won’t talk about it just yet so stay tuned for that.

I really hope that clears up everything, thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time, bye! 😉

Should I take up propping more?

So…as you have probably realised….I’ve kinda got out of origami and haven’t been doing it for a while… well….. I probably won’t be doing origami in awhile…. because I’ve kinda have gotten out of the origami interest….BUT rest assured I will do origami throughout  2017….but…not..as..much..as I used to do…BUT for things like  EPISODE EIGHT OF STAR WARS I WILL DEFINITELY DO ORIGAMI FOR THAT!…But since the trailer hasn’t come out…I can’t really do that right now….

I’ve been doing origami for about five years….and I think it’s time to do something different…..

As you have probably have noticed, I’ve been doing propping a lot recently and I have realised that I’m pretty good at it, so I was wondering…SHOULD I TAKE UP PROPPING MORE? I love to do that and I think you will enjoy it too! …So what should I do? Make a new website? Change the title? What? Your opinion is much appreciated!

See ya, bye!