WWW No.2: the Weird Case of Origami Yoda

So, for WWW number two, i’m posting about weird things about the Origami Yoda series.

No. 1: The copies

There are strange copies of pictures and doodles in the whole series.  Here is a complete list of them:

Origami Yoda #1: Inside cover, how to fold Origami Yoda, “the end this is?” (second to last page).

Origami Yoda #2: Origami Yoda and the Five Folds, (Emergency Yoda picture), “the end this is?” (page before how to fold the emergency Yoda).

Origami Yoda #3 none found

Origami Yoda #4 Inside cover, Beep! (page 4), page 7, page 64, page 64, page 117.

Origami Yoda #5 Inside cover, page 29, page 30, page 30, page 31, page 31, page 32, page 34, page 67, page 70, page 71, page 99. page 100, page 101, page 155, page 156, how to fold Jabba.

Origami Yoda #6 Cover, inside cover, page 121, back cover.

Origami Yoda #7 None found

Copies in other books:

Origami Yoda #1 Cover pic in #6 (page 170), inside cover in #4 cover, #4 dedications.

Origami Yoda #2 Inside cover in #4 cover, #4 dedications.

Origami Yoda #3 Cover pic in #6 (page 170), back cover pic in #6 (page 170), inside cover in #4 cover.

Origami Yoda #4 Cover pic in #6 (page 170).

Origami Yoda #5 None found

Origami Yoda # 7 None found

No.2: The false doodle

On the bottom of the Origami Yoda files pack, there is a doodle of Kellen and Dwight, this is in the Art2 book, but instead of Kellen holding Art2 he is holding Darth paper, and Art2 isn’t on the file.

No.3: The mysterious Jacob Cornelius

In book #2 there is a signature (page 25) when everyone signs their name, there is the mysterious signing of Jacob Cornelius.  In Origami Yoda Wiki it says:

Jacob Cornelius was a character in Darth paper strikes back! that signed the petition to keep Dwight Tharp out of CREF. In the fanon, he has a brother named Grant Cornelius. Tom said of the character: “Jacob Cornelius, the kid at McQuarrie nobody actually knows!”

It has been theorized that JC (Harvey’s cousin) is actually Jacob Cornelius. This lacks logic however because Tom said Jacob goes to McQuarrie and JC goes to another school so this theory is illogical. There is also an appearance of someone who may possibly have been Jacob Cornelius in the final book, Emperor Pickletine Rides the Bus, In which someone named Jacob is shown sitting next to Lisa on the bus seating chart.

No.4: The black dot

In book #2   on page 114 there is a weird black dot that is just randomly there.

No.5: Title change

In every book cover there is a different lettering.  From #1,2,3 there is just letters in different fonts surrounded by something.  In #4,5,6,7 there is a very dramatic change of the letters.

That’s all for this time folks’!!!