How to become an Imagine Folder!

1. Fold really stooky origami and post it.

2. Don’t be a Harvey and don’t mess up my stuff I’ve been working on.

3. Just do posts please.

4. When you’re an Imagine Folder, post in the category “Imagine Folders”.

5. Don’t post to much and don’t post none.


41 thoughts on “How to become an Imagine Folder!”

    1. I haven’t tried it, but I think it shows the type of category’s I made which is only “Uncategorized” and “The Imagine Folders”. My theory is when you scroll down you’ll those too category’s. But, you probably know I could be wrong.

      1. I don´t think it seems to be working… I have clicked “Uncategorized” but… I believe there´s a type of admin where you are only allowed to post posts and not edit any pages.

    1. Well, if I invite you THEN you’ll see the category on the bottom the pudlish sign it will show three different categories and one of those say Imagine Folders, you click that one but first, it should say uncategoriesed, that is not what you want so click Imagine Folders, ok?

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