The title basically tells it all. I’ll be posting instrux for you guys to make…….Soooo, here it goes!!!

EZ origami Kanan instructions:

Origami Zeb YouTube instructions:

Momaw Nadon YouTube instructions:

Agent Kallus YouTube instructions:

Sharpine YouTube instructions:



Candy Cane Bane:


Darth Maul YouTude instrux:



Emergency Cad Bane instrux:


Steve instrux


Jawa instrux


Mcrobloxian’s origami Tseebo instuctions baced of my Tseebo! Great job Mcrobloxian! I think you folded it exactly like I did! 😉

1. Fold corneres almost to the middle

2. Fold that down to create head

3. Pleat fold bottom of head to create mouth

4. Fold down the head a little if needed

5. Flip

6.Fold in 3rds

7. Fold like your making Art2’s legs

9. Repeat for the head side

10. Squash fold corners down on the top corners of shirt.

11. Decorate


Submit your instrux!!!


32 thoughts on “Instructions!!!”

  1. Can you do the Inquisitors? The latest are the Seventh Sister and the Fifth Brother. But the first Grand Inquisitor is good too

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