Good Frog Bad Frog (Warning: contains spoilers of Muppets Most Wanted)

Sooo on this post I say some spoilers of Muppets Most Wanted and you comment things that I forgot.Soooo here it goes: 1. Dominic Badguy ends up working with the the most powerful most dangerous villian in the world…… Constantine!!!!

2.Dominic tricked Kermit into having a stroll around the park and guess what?? Constantine was there!!! He knoked him out and made Kermit look like him by putting a fake mole on him.

3. Constantine made him self look like Kermit by having green paint over his mole.

4. Every place the Muppets were going Dominic and Constantine were stealing treasures to get to the greatest treasure of all time…….. the Royal Crown of England!!!!

5. Walter, Fozzie, and Animal are hot on Constantine’s trail: they found the paint in his room and realized what happened but Constantine saw them in his room so attacked them, luckily they jumped on a train just the last second and decided to search for Kermit.

6. Meanwhile Kermit was behind bars in this European jail called the Gulag.

7. Fozzie,Walter, and Animal found Kermit at the Gulag help him escape and told what happened.

8.Constantine stole the crown!!! 😦

9. The Muppets attacked Constantine and got the crown and brought it where it should always stay: in London. And Contantine was token where he belongs: in jail!!! :mrgreen:

And for the ones who haven’t seen it I’ll give you two pieces of origami:



And Constantine!!!IMG_1510