The legends, stories and mysteries of Sib42!

This question has went through out the lives of citizens:

Who is Sib42 and were did he come from? But it finally paid of when Sib42 him self told the world the answer…But some times he needed to do some research cause some of his memory was lost. Anyways, lets start this mystery from the very beginning:

Back in the steampunk of the 1880’s, there was a man named Sir Mackenzie. Why does his name have “Sir” at the beginning? It’s because he was royal. How? Because he built the first time machine in history that really works! (Also cause he’s a King). One day he thought it’s time to actually go back in time instead of just throwing apples or something like that. And he thought this time he should step in to it. So he and then there was ‘WWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSHHHHHH PPPPPOOOOWWWWW!’ and Sir Mackenzie was in the future….That’s when Sib42 comes along…

“Warrior of the world, fighter of good, and tech hero”, the Prime-Minister used to always say,” What could we do with out you Sib42?”

Everybody loved him. He was hero and has the the highest solder badge as leader! Everything was perfect for him until Sir Mackenzie appeared when Sib42 was on guard duty. That’s when it happened.

Sir Mackenzie was 90,000,000,000 centuries into the future and he isn’t supposed to be alive that long. Right away the King started to slowly die, turning more into a skeleton every second, until he fell….DEAD! Sib42 saw this and ran to him right after he died. He was sorry for him and also curious about why this happened….Then he realized….Because right then this time machine about 20 feet tall started sucking everything in around it! Sib42 turned it off but both Sib42 and the carcass of Sir Mackenzie got sucked in to the year of…………….2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When they got there Sib42 carved a graved stone and buried the King in a grave yard. After that, Sib42 was starving so he went to the nearest restaurant to eat. He went to the restaurant,but he could get anything! It was not cause he has no money, he has TONS with him, but it was cause future money looks way more different then now so they thought it was just fake glow-in-the-dark coins.

Three days past, still nothing at all. Sib42 was starting to faint! He fell flat on the ground,BUT before he closed his eyes, three figures appeared! One with a helmet with horns on top and had like 8 eyes. Another had a scarf and a very large clock that almost covers his whole face! And the last one kinda looked like Palpatine that fell in a large bucket  of red paint!*

*At this point, it was 2 months before Capcomix.

The next day, Sib42 woke up starving again,but this time he saw a huge plate of pancakes and waffles! Sib rubbed his eyes to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. He wasn’t! Right away,he ate every single pancake and waffle to the bite! When he was finished, he looked around the place he was in. He was in a spaceship! When he was out of the room, the whole TalkZone team Sib42 was first asking about who they are. They explained it and he knew who they are because he had read about that war before and he knew who won….but the thing is is that he forgot who won in the time traveling. The team was disappointed to hear that,but they thought it was time they asked him about his adventures through time. He tolded them and that cheered them up.

“This war will be hard”, said Creepy Pasta,”But I have faith in you Sib. I have faith in all of use.”

And that’s how Sib42 joined the TalkZone Team! Later, CapComix comes and also joins the team….


11 thoughts on “The legends, stories and mysteries of Sib42!”

  1. Nice!
    but 2 mistakes: clock is supposed to be cloak when you described me.
    I think you should have said he ‘couldn’t get anything’ instead of ‘he could get anything’
    But still ultra stooky!

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